Campsite in the Grand Canyon

Campsite in the Grand Canyon

Wednesday, August 24, 1983

Journal Notes - August 24, 1983

Going through rapids and getting soaked!

August 24, 1983

Steve, Like Bruce, is tan, average height of about 5’8” and quiet like Bruce. My favorite is Mike. When on the first day, I was in his boat, he asked me my name and replied, “I can remember that name.” He has a real good body. He is about 5’8”, short, blond, curly hair, about 30 years old, small blue eyes and gold-wired glasses. Mike is kind of quiet and too himself. At one time on the trip a couple of us girls got together and said who we thought was the sexiest boatman. A couple said Bruce and Steve, but I whispered to Lorrie that I thought it was Mike. 

I have to tell you about last night. Oh yeah, besides going through Lava Falls, we went on a short hike up a small canyon to where a small waterfall was. It was a huge canyon that used to have more water in it. 

Lava Falls was wild. Before we went through, we stopped and hiked up to a point where the boatmen could check out the rapid and plan where to sent the boats through. We also had to stop again so they could see the rapids up close. We got totally soaked when we went through. Our boat went down into a tub ? of big holes, getting tossed around and full of water. It was a blast!

This paper has stuff all over it and is driving me crazy because it causes the pen to skip. but I don’t blame it because it has gone through a lot, like all of us. 

Let me tell you about last night. The boatmen put out a big sliver bag of white wine. Somebody had a walkman and Bruce had an ammo box full of tapes. We danced to Reggea music, Rolling Stones, the Clash, Grateful Dead and the Police. It was a blast. I ketp drinking full glasses of wine. Then I was sitting on one of the boats with Lorrie, Noreen, Mike, Harry, John and Bruce and a couple others that I don’t remember. The boatmen were drinking bourbon that they were passing around. I had a couple of sips of that. Afterwards, I went up near the tents to where Joan and Chris were sitting. Later we tramped through Anne and Jim’s tents, but they never woke up. Well, this morning, I woke up with a massive hangover. I couldn’t eat breakfast, but I had a coup of oatmeal, which didn’t stay down for too long. I got sick at the camp first. Then when we were on the boats, I felt worse. I switched seats with Anne who was sitting in the back of the boat. Five minutes later I got sick. I got sick two more times after that on the boat. I felt the shits. I was dizzy and wanted to sleep, plus it was boiling hot. When we stopped for lunch, I was so sick that I found a place among the rocks where I could sit and get sick in private. Lorrie came over and told me to sit in the shade. John came over and they both helped me up, brought me to his boat and gave me a glass of fresh water. Lorrie made me a tuna sandwich. I wasn’t planning on eating lunch because I thought I would throw it back up, but it actually helped me a lot. 

It is getting pretty dark. I don’t want to use my flashlight because the light attracts bugs. 

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