Campsite in the Grand Canyon

Campsite in the Grand Canyon

Tuesday, August 23, 1983

Journal Notes - August 23, 1983

Rapids we are planning on going through

Boatman Steve

August 23, 1983

For breakfast this morning we had French toast, eggs, fried ham and fried rice leftover from last night, and coffee, oatmeal and Tang. Their oatmeal is pretty good. It is pretty stiff, but it is tasty.

Today we are going through Lava Falls, the biggest falls that we hit. I don’t know what else is planned for today, but I will inform you tonight.

I have not yet told you about the boatmen. Each raft is guided by a boatman. There is Steve, Mike, Bruce, John and Harry. John is in charge. He is built like a mountain and he has a full brown beard and blond moustache. Bruce is tall, thin, blond and real tan. When I was riding on his boat he told me that he has three of his own horses and his father owns about 12 on a ranch in Idaho, where he lives during the winter.

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